Of the Public Association “Development of Society and Civil Relations”


about  the made  works for (on December, 1, on June, 1) of The Project “Program on Strengthening of Struggle against Drug Addiction by Increasing Public Activity in Regions”


   The first period (on December, 1, on February, 28)

          The Project “Program on Strengthening of Struggle against Drug Addiction by Increasing Public Activity in Regions” of the Public Association “Development of Society and Civil Relations” have been supporting and financing the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation Office (SDC) South Caucasus Represented by the Cooperation Office in Azerbaijan.

         The aim in this project is to assist in solution of this problem, to participate in enlightenment of citizens, particularly of young people, to attract attention of all NGO-s, public organizations, relevant state structures to this problem, to mobilize all of them in fight against drug addiction, to get conjoint activity by uniting all efforts, increase of efficiency of this activity. According to the contract signed between these organizations the project, which beginning on December, 1, 2006 and the end on May, 31, 2007 will consist of 3 periods. Our organization started the activity from the first period (on December, 1 - on February, 28)  in due time as agrees under the project.

       On the first period, that is since December 1, began preparatory process for the basic part of the project,  for achievement of an object in view. Technical training, supply and purchase of spare parts and the equipment, attraction of the experts and lecturers which will be involved in work of the project, to discuss a condition, will agree  and the conclusion of labour agreements with them

       For the edition of printed products within the framework of the project our employees were in several printing houses, have discussed with them for printing under the favourable price of the qualitative goods.  After discussion of the offers, our organization  have made the decision and have made the order to a printing house. Alarm samples of issued booklets and the poster too have preliminary been discussed and accepted the decision.  Booklets (4000 pieces) and posters (500 pieces) were ready to January. (Samples are added)

       Instead of with it  also was conducted work for preparation of a video clip which will be shown on the TV . For this purpose we met with several " Video-advertising Production" Companies and  have chosen the most favourable company. Instead of with this company we worked for preparation  a video clip. Already the video clip is ready for display on TV. According to the project the display on TV will be since March. In it to a direction we worked  too, was meeting with broadcasting companies and  have preliminary agreed.

After all propaganda materials for the project were ready, our organization at own expense (with the own  means) has made trips to regions. The purpose of trip was preparation for future actions (seminars), will agree with premises{rooms} where will be is carried out{spent} actions, beforehand will agree with the youth organizations for attracting the youth

In regions we have met with  our partners - “Eco renaissance” “Youths for Civil Society” in Ganja”, Yevlakh town Board of Azerbaijani Youths’ Union in Yevlakh town, “Democratic Enlightenment”  Center” in Jalilabad, Ganja, Yevlakh, Jalilabad, Masally branches of Azerbaijani Veterans of WW2, Ali Bayramli town branches of Garabakh Invalids’ Union, Chernobyl Invalids’ Union, with the youth organizations, the local youth organizations and the future participants in our activity and have carried out work for creation of conditions for their participations in process within the framework of the project.

        In additives to the higher told works at the first stage , we have carried out propaganda works, work with youth. These works were conducted both at a local level and on republican level. As, in the cities of Ali_bajramly, Ganja, and Yevlakh, Jalilabad, Masally religions were distribution propaganda materials (2000 pieces of booklets, 250 poster), have been organized  to glue the poster on the walls and places of the closest congestion of youth. And for attracting  the attention of the public and youth on all country the propaganda works were conducted with the help of mass media. Have been printed materials, articles and information in newspapers, websites . (Samples are added)

        Repeated distribution of propaganda materials will be at the second stage of the project. Among works made on the first stage the special place borrows(occupies)  seminars in cities Ali-Bayramli and Yevlakh. These seminars from a series of actions which are stipulated on projects in all 5 regions. In these seminars  have been invited our partner organizations, the youth organizations and most socially active young people of region. Participation of more skilled organization and representatives more the senior generation together with young has  as educational value. Participations with people which struggled for freedom, independence of the country and which were battled on war has positively influence on a moral-psychological condition of youth and they becomes more responsible. About problems of a the drug in region have been discussed  , have been listened lectures, opinions of the veterans and youth . These action have been perceived with the big interest of participants, an especial among youth.  (Diary of seminars is added)

        In general, for the reason that in regions the action about  such themes, an especial on a theme about problems of the drug are not carried out or to be carried out very seldom, our seminars have involved attention of all public of city. Especially such areas where this is a actual  problem, people , with interest participate and support the actions directed on the decision of concrete problems with which collide every day.

        All action which have been stipulated for the first period of our project is successful carried out. All means allocated by the donor have been spent according to under the requirement of the donor organization and the law of the Azerbaijan Republic. ( Financial report is added).


The second period (on February, 28,  on June, 1)


  With agrees  the working plan and treaty provisions “Development Society and Civil Relation” Public Association from March, 1 till June, 1 has organized actions and carried out all tasks for achievement of the purpose of the project .

As, for this period have been carried out 8 seminars - trainings in the cities of Gjandja, Ali-Bayramli, Masalli, Yevlakh, Jalilabad. Skilled experts have been invited to actions and carried out various reports on on a theme a drug and its harm, struggle by this evil and were discussions, about actions how to remove this problems.

In general on these actions participated about 500 young guys and girls. It is especially necessary to note that of action has drawn the big attention of youth and they have shown the big activity.

If to take into account that each participant of action further in dialogue with friends, with neighbours will continue discussion and conversations about harm of a drug then it is possible to tell with confidence that the circle influence of our project is wider.

Instead of with it in parallel have been carried out propaganda works in wider scale, have been distributed booklets , have been stuck posters in streets, in places of rest and in Tea House’s (Chaykhana).

On the other hand the prepared the video roller(social advertising) has been shown on TV. Shown in an ether on all republic of the video  roller have been shown harm and a consequence of a drug and appeals to people and  to youth on struggle against a drug . (Materials it is applied)

During seminars it has been  found out  that, notwithstanding what the problem of a drug disturbs the many people , and many man would like to participate in movement of an anti drug, but in it a direction or are not carried out  any action,  works or these works very weak. (Only in Gyandja participants have declared that government of city  have been carried out assembly for youth on this theme

Another directions of work consist in that what to involve attention of the public and to strengthen struggle against a drug. For this purpose have been issued articles and interview in pages of mass-media (the newspaper and a web sites) . (Materials are added)

After end of seminars, last month in Tea House’s (Chaykhana) and places where most frequently gather youth have been carried out competition on desktop games (a dominoes, checkers{blocks}, backgammons) among youth in the cities of Gjandja, Ali-Bayramli, Masalli, Yevlakh, Jalilabad. At these competitions participated in general more than 100 young people as participants of competition, and more 200 person as the spectator and the fan. During competitions in parallel  carried out propaganda work, explanatory works  about drug, have been carried out harm and importance of struggle against a drug. In these actions has been told about healthy a way of life, about advantage(benefit) sports.

 For result of all carried out works it is necessary to emphasize that all actions within the framework of the project is executed with successes, on places have been perceived{recognized} with big attention and interest even than we expected. With the help of these actions the importance of a problem was submitted to attention of youth, regional NGO’s and local executive structures. It is necessary to note that already a some  regional NGO’s have taken the initiative, and for the further work in it the direction and development of the initiative started by us develop projects and are going to present different instances.

  During project NGO’s - “Eco renaissance” “Youths for Civil Society” in Ganja”, Yevlakh town Board of Azerbaijani Youths’ Union in Yevlakh town, “Democratic Enlightenment”  Center” in Jalilabad, Ganja, Yevlakh, Jalilabad, Masally branches of Azerbaijani Veterans of WW2, Ali Bayramli town branches of Garabakh Invalids’ Union, Chernobyl Invalids’ Union actively participated in all actions and have expressed desires to continue this activity in regions.

  It is especially necessary to note that the project has influenced processes in it a direction of all country. In the first is necessary to tell that after publishing in a seal of information about carrying out our project arrived references from Ministry of Youth and Sports to our organization where has been told that they approve our works and undertaking. It is possible to emphasize that in the result of our successful and long and persistent propaganda carry out actions on amplification{strengthening} of struggle against a drug and drug business on all republic. Having tracked mass-media it is possible to see clearly that the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministries of Youth and Sports and other structures began to give more attention to this problems. And  Ministries of Youth and Sports has declared the competition on small grants for NGO and Youth the organization what to involve them in this process and to strengthen struggle against a drug.

    All these facts once again prove that, the project has been successfully executed, all purposes the organization and  all coals of the project were are achieved, was involved attention of the public in this problem and is created a reliable basis for the further long-term and long work. We hope to continue in it a direction the activity. We would like, your organization too would not remain in the side of these processes and will continue to help NGO's.

    All financial assets specified in the budget of the project have been spent according to the budget and the contract. Notwithstanding what after increase the prices in January our charges have increased on many points in comparison with the allocated means according to the budget, but we have executed all action and works. For this purpose we economically and purposefully have spent means allocated by the donor and in additives have connected internal means.






of the Public Association

“Development of Society and Civil Relations”                                         A.N. Abbasbeyli


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