DSCR- Background

DSCR- Background on applicant organization  



    Free Voice” Voters’ Rights Defense Center was formed in March 2001 with the purpose to increase the enlightening process of the municipal Bodies, to defend the rights of the voters, to support the democratic, free and fair elections and since then has presented certain documents to the Ministry of Justice of the Azerbaijan Republic for the registration there.

    Public Association “Development of Society and Civil Relations” was founded on 2003 and was registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan on 12 august 2005. The main directions of our activity is carrying out of educational work among the population, on civil society building, on development of human rights, on carrying out of social researches and educational works among people, increase  of citizens activity in a civil life of the country and have sufficient experience in all these spheres. Our organization had developed cooperation in some places in relation to activity of municipalities, development of their relations with population. At the same time some measures were taken in the field of development of cooperation of municipalities and MP-s and monitoring of activities. Development of freedom of speech, press in regions, establishment of local public organizations and youth organizations and its development are some of activity kinds. “DSCR” Center, as a member of the Coordinating and Advisory Council for “Free and Fair Elections”, has carried out monitoring of elections and education work among the population during the Presidential Elections of 2003, Municipal Elections of 2004 and Parliamentary Elections of 2005. One of the principal aims of “DSCR” is to achieve the increase of the status of the municipal bodies, the improvement of legislation in this field, strengthening of local self-governmental system and increasing its authority generally all over the country. The other one is to improve the elective legislation, to support free and just elections and to defend the rights of the electors .The center will direct the chief attention to these aspects and there is a packet of plans and projects of concrete arrangements in this field. 

    Employers of “DSCR” Center took part in the trainings and seminars in USA, Germany, Poland, Romania Turkey and Ukraine. At the same time they participated as international observers in carrying out of election monitoring in Ukraine (both parliament and presidential elections) and Georgia (presidential elections).

    We cooperate with the majority of the nongovernmental organizations of the country and we are member of election coalition of NGOs- EITI, “Network of the Information and Cooperation for struggle against Corruption” and the coalition of NGO’s " For free and fair elections ".

Our organization is one of founders of Alliance NGO "For development of local self-management". The alliance has been created with the help OXFAM About the most active NGO in this area. The Alliance includes 10 organizations.

   With this purpose we also cooperate with international organizations – National Democratic Institute (USA), Open Society Institute – Assistance Foundation (Azerbaijan), USAID, Eurasia Foundation, National Endowment for Democracy (USA), World Bank, F. Naumann  Foundation,  Royal Norwegian Embassy, OXFAM, OSCE,  Swiss  Agency for Development and Cooperation Office (SDC) South Caucasus, and etc.  

    Our organization a member of the international organization- Civil Society Leadership Network.

        Our organization has received the grant from Open Society Institute – Assistance Foundation (Azerbaijan) for carrying out of municipal election related program on educating of population in September – December 2004. “DSCR” (“Free Voice” Center) and Evlakh Youth Organization carried out joint project “Increase of the public activity and initiative of  the youth  in Struggle against corruption and the establishment of transparence in the activity of budgetary organization financed from state budget” at financial support of Open Society Institute – Assistance Foundation (Azerbaijan), Eurasia Foundation and World Bank in 2005.

    “DSCR” (“Free Voice” Center) carries out the project “Attraction  of youth in work for increase of voters’ activity at Parliamentary elections” at financial support of NED in 2005. On May 2006 our organization together with the Coordinating and Advisory Council for “Free and Fair Elections” participated in attraction of voters in reelection and monitoring. This activity was realized with the help of US Embassy and “Open Society Institute”.

     From December, 2006 till May, 2007 “DSCR” carries out the project “Program on strengthening of struggle against drug addiction by increasing youth activity in region” with the help of  Swiss   Agency for Development and Cooperation Office (SDC) South Caucasus

 Since 2007 our organization accepted active participation in work of coalition NGО EITI and helped introduction of the General{Common}) Project. We have performed sociological and research work  and have prepared review the analysis.

    From August, 2007 till January, 2008  “DSCR” carries out the project " Organization of discussions on a theme a stable development and increase of public knowledge " with the help of  Open Society Institute”.

Since December, 2007 May, 2008 our organization has executed one directions (Poll on  the assessment of transparency of petrodollars) of activity of uniform project EITI by support of embassy of Kingdom of Norway.

                 Our organization accepts active participation in work of development of local self-management, we are one of the basic participants of the project for  developments of municipalities (the Project is carried out with help ОХFAM)

Our organization, and members of our organization is more than 10 years work in this area and we carried out, accepted active participation in many programs.

2001, " Preparation of experts for municipalities " (together with "FCS", ISAR)

Participation in the international actions in Germany, " Studying of practice of municipalities " (Fund Fridiriha Naumanna)

2004, " the Project for increase in activity of former militarians and veterans of war at municipal elections " (Institute of the Open Society)

" The project about creations of a transparency in activity the organizations financed from the state budget and municipalities " (together with Yevlakh city Assembly "Azerbaijan Youth Union", USAID, Fund " Eurasia ", World Bank, Institute of the Open Society)

2004, participation in work of increase in activity of voters, carrying out to educational work among the population and carrying out monitoring of municipal elections in structure of coalition NGO " For free and fair elections "

2003, for municipalities and the population of area Yevlakh " In territories taking place the oil pipeline to the Baku -Tbilisi-Jeyhan "

2005-2006, " the Project of the decision of social problems and the help of the organization of educational and medical services for the population in new inhabited files of Bilajari municipality"

2007, together with municipalities Bilajari, Rasulsadeh, Pirshaqi, Balaxani "Preparation of the program about gathering, transportation and secondary manufacture of household waste products in territories of municipalities"

  Employees of Public Association "DSCR", during of 10 years accepted participations (as the co-author or the editor) in editions more than 10 books, brochures devoted to activity of municipalities and for using municipalities.

  2006-2007 the Center "DSCR" cooperating with some municipalities,  carry out a complex of actions with the purpose to help developments of municipalities, for educations of the population, the decision of social and economic problems on places.

   In 2007 the representative the organization accepted participations in parliamentary elections In Ukraine as the international observer

From May, 2008 till December 2008 “DSCR” carries out the project “Aid program in the liquidation of marriage at early ages and between close relatives by increasing the social activity in Regions” with the help of  Swiss   Agency for Development and Cooperation Office (SDC) South Caucasus

From August, 2008 till December 2008 – Project“Studying of social and economic position in regions and researches of actions carried out for development of regions. Attraction in this process of the public”- Open Society Institute.

From May, 2008 till November 2008 – Project “The program of increase in public activity for amplification{strengthening} of struggle against a drug”- The State Council of Support of NGO

The public organization which is not putting before self political ends. An overall objective of the organization protection of civil, economic, social, cultural and other interests of citizens, development of the initiative and activity, and also improvement of a condition of a civil society, a transparency, struggle against corruption, the decision of problems connected with illegal use of work, improvement of a legal field in Azerbaijan.

The organization aspires to involve an active part of the country in movement of NGO-sector with the purpose of activization of their role in construction in Azerbaijan a civil society.

About one today together with others local NGO following projects have been realized:

  • "Struggle against use of child labour" ("Kvazar")
  • "The organization training of rates on a theme of sale of people (trafficking)" (Youth Summit)
  • "Maintenance of a transparency in the state structures" (OSI, World Bank, “Eurasia” Foundation)
  • "Activization of participation of voters during elections" (NED)
  • "Increase of a legal level of voters" (OSI,)
  • "The organization training of rates for active workers NGO in regions of the country on a theme of sale of people (traffic) " (Youth Summit)
  • "Struggle against illegal migration" ("Kvazar")


 And also the organization and carrying out among the population (basically among unemployeds and women) " round tables ", "the open brothers-in-law", seminars and consultations on a theme "Illegal migrations ", "Trade in people" in frontier areas - the Guba, Gakh, Astara regions.

Has partner communications with the organizations of Georgia ("Development of regions", "MZE" the/sun/"), Turkey (Marmarise European Youth Council) and Russia ("Alternative").


Employees of the organization accepted participations in various international and local conferences, seminars and trainings.

We give to your data the actions connected from sale of people (trafficking):

  • Training Program: "Covering Human Trafficking in Azerbaijan" (International Center of Journalist/USA - in Baku, Azerbaijan, March 2004).
  • Training Program: "Covering Human Trafficking Across Borders" (International Center of Journalist/USA - in Warsaw, Poland, May 2004).
  • Conference: "Labour migration and illegal use of work" ("Seyahat" - in Ankara, Turkey, August, 2005).
  • Seminar: "Legislative base and trafficking" (CIS Youth Forum - in Kiev, Ukraine, November, 2005).

- From April 2010 till February 2011 Societies against corruption in educational system!” German Marshall Fund (Black Sea Trust), 24377$

- From October, 2010 till February 2011 project  “Program of learning of the situation connected with be adapted to civil life and rehabilitation of the war participants and invalids of the soldiers being in the resignation and carry out the reforms in this area”, (Think Tank) Open Society Institute


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